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The 2019 King’s Feast – Seventyth birthday, celebrate with the country!

Posted by WKF head office on October 1st, 2019

Next WKF event in China
Grand opening in the capital Beijing!
The opening ceremony of “The 2019 King’s Feast” – WKF National Youth Free Fight Grand Prix” will be held on October 1st.

WKF CHINA International

    The purpose of this competition is to implement the important discussion of the internship of General Secretary Jin Ping on youth work and sports work.

Promote Chinese traditional martial arts culture and promote the development and improvement of martial arts Sanda fighting among adolescents.

 Scheduled to host the “2019 King’s Feast” – WKF in Beijing from October 1st to 3rd, 2019. The first opener of the National Youth Free Fighting Grand Prix!

  The event is hosted by: Beijing Tongzhou District Wushu Association, the Belt and Road International Boxing Competition Council;  Beijing Renshi Martial Arts Fighting Club, Beijing Renshi Boxing Research Association, Xuzhou Wubo Shengshi Art Training Co., Ltd.; WKF World Free Fighting Federation China Regional Competition Certification. 
“The feast of the 2019 King – WKF National Youth Free Fighting Grand Prix” is the theme of “Senior Youth is Strong in China”. Focus on the improvement and development of the youth free fight. In friendship, health, cooperation,

The purpose of a win-win situation, for young people across the country




定于2019年10月1日至3日,在北京举办“2019王的盛宴-WKF  全国青少年自由搏击大奖赛”首场揭幕战!