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WKF China official coach training camp was held in Chengdu

Posted by WKF head office on March 5th, 2021

Judge Sheng Haichuan, Vice President of WKF China

WKF World federation

During the National Day the “WKF China Official Freedom Fighter Coach Training Camp” was held in Chengdu from September 28th to October 24th with the theme of “Birthday with the Country and Happy Fitness in the Armed Forces!” .

The training camp lasts for seven days. The training content is dedicated to the basic training and practical training courses for free training.


WKF CHINA international

In this issue, “WKF China Official Free Fighter Trainer Training Camp” was appointed as a mentor and examiner by Judge Sheng Haichuan, Vice President of WKF China.

Participants in this training camp are mainly in Chengdu, all recommended by fitness colleges and fitness clubs. The teaching curriculum combines the strengths of fitness coaches, with strength, coordination, flexibility, hand target, foot target, boxing and kick combination target and free combat theory foundation, practical teaching as the key training direction.

The students’ awareness of the free-fighting campaign has been improved in a short period of time, which greatly improved the teaching level of the students in practical training.

    The WKF World Free Fighting Federation will hold regular “Trainer Training Courses” and “Trainer Training Camps” in China, and will provide professional, systematic and authoritative training for free combat coaches for the whole society!