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Posted by WKF head office on February 14th, 2021


Predator MMA Kandidat Pelatnas Kickboxing SEA Games dan Asian Games


Photo credit: akurat.co

Indonesian free fighting athlete (kickboxing), Bonatua Lumbantungkup (blue) when competing with the Lao athlete Taipanyavong (red) in the final match in the 60 kilogram low-kick free-kick class of the Philippines SEA Games 2019 at the Cuneta Astodrome in Manila, Philippines, Tuesday (10/12) / 2019).

In this match Bonatua Lumbantungkup suffered a defeat after suffering a blow to the stomach and he fell and had to undergo some serious treatment just after the bell of the first round ended.


Secretary General of the Indonesian Kick Boxing Center (PPKBI), Yani MADEY, said that his party would consider the Indonesian MMA Predator gym as the location for the National Kick Boxing Training for the SEA Games and the Asian Games.


Welcome Indonesia

“Because the facilities are adequate for the preparation of the Indonesian National Kick Boxing Team, Predator MMA is one of the candidates (places) for the preparation of the Indonesian Kick Boxing National Team for both the upcoming SEA Games and Asian Games events

said Yani as quoted from the official release of Predator MMA.



Indonesia: Predator MMA Indonesia itself is a 622 square meter kickboxing training gym located on Jalan Ahmad Yani, Solo, Central Java.

The plan is that the gym, which will also be prepared as an athlete school, will be opened in early 2021.

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The venue will consist of three floors where the first floor is a cafe, the second floor is a training ground with a number of boxing rings, and the third floor is a competition arena that can be accessed by spectators.

For PPKBI, the existence of Predator MMA provides an option as a training center because there will be a number of big agendas next year 2021. Among them are the national championships and the SEA Games which will be held in Vietnam in November-December 2021.

“This year’s agenda activities include refereeing judges and coaches and a Kick Boxing Musical Perform Virtual Tatame match in October. For 2021 there will be a Kickboxing National Championship in January for the 2021 SEA Games selection“said Yani.

“Also preparing (for) the sixth Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games event in May 2021 in Chonburi, Thailand. For the regulations that are contested, namely, K-1, light kick boxing, full contact, and light contact.”

However, Yani, who was also the founder of the PPKBI, has not provided a definite location for the National Kickboxing Championship in 2021.

So far, the organization is still looking for a place to adjust to the conditions of the corona virus pandemic (COVID-19).

* Rambo Championship 4294 Championship SOLO, suaramerdekasolo.com –

Eleven gold medals, three silver and two bronze medals were won by solo athletes in the open Kick Boxing Rambo 4294 Championship # 1/2019.  The kickboxers won the medal at the event, which took place from Saturday to Sunday (September 28-29) at the GOR Sahabat Semarang.

“Ten gold medals were won by the Eagle Eyes’ Mix Martial Art (MMA) kickboxers and a piece of gold by the Sasana Predator MMA Indonesia athletes” said Jeremy, General Chairman of Kick Boxing Solo Pengkot Meciaz Kevin Gunawan


A number of solo kickboxers demonstrated their success at the Rambo 4294 No. Open Championship. 1/2019 in Semarang