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WKF IRAN had a great event with more than 1000 fighters

Posted by WKF head office on March 25th, 2014

IMG_1366SHIHAN  AMIR  MOSADEGH , WKF Asia President ,and his forceful federation have held another kickboxing competition with the competent hosting of Khuzestan province at the last days of the year 1392(RIC). This huge tournament was began in the southern province of Iran while the great esteemed Anthem of Islamic Republic of Iran was broadcasting.

More than 1000 participants in 52 teams from different cities and provinces of Iran were welcomed to the Complex of sporting arenas in Behbahan (Khuzestan). Adequate facilities and pre-arranged programs which were adjusted by the directors and supervisors of this event were considerably satisfying and led the participants compete in comfortable deserving conditions.

DSC03505 (2)Members of city council ,the mayor of Behbahan, Khuzestan province Deputy Director of physical education, officials of Imam Hassan Mojtaba(AS) Commando Bridge, Mr.Arman Doulabi, the director of Economic committee and the member of Strategic Council of Asia Federation, Mr.Ali Aghajeri , the world outstanding kickboxing champion, Mr.Teymour Javanmard ,the former National boxing champion, Mr.Mahdi Pounaki, the former wrestling world champion and the member of MMA committee , Mr.Mahdi Saghafi,the National champion of Martial Arts and the organizer of Federation events and Mr.Bahram Jodari, the representative of Iranian Martial Arts and Asia referee committee, were our VIP special guests who were attending the conflicts closely-up.

IMG_2578The extraordinary efforts of Mr.Ali Aghajeri, the representative of WKF kickboxing Federation in Khuzestan and the organizer of this tournament has been highly appreciated. Due to his attempts and the considerable hosting of Behbahan city great memories were marked in the minds of all attendees.

“We had observed so exciting competitions which were due to the presence of highly technical and challenging players.” Mr.Mosadegh expressed satisfactorily to the reporter of Asr-e-Varzesh ,the weekly News paper in the world of sport.

Moreover,Vice President of World Kickboxing Federation mentioned the huge shining of Khuzestan team and subjoined,”Team of Khuzestan had kicked his way with the coaching of Mr.Ali Aghajeri and had glittered forsoothly. The players of this team showcased technical significant competitions and their powers were obviously recognizable during all the fights.

Shihan Amir Mosadegh appreciated the fightings of Mr.Farzad Javanmard who was chosen as the Moral Fighter of this tournament and declared ,”Farzad had competed frankly just like his name (Farzad is a Persian name which means Chivalric) and he was undoubtly competent to gain the Moral Cup. He fought technically with a great amount of serenity and could obtain the Vice championship title in the National Iranian championships. This honor has been recorded as a golden result in his sporting history and the National Club of KHADEM and a very shining future is waiting for him with no doubt.”

DSC03503 (1)At the end of this press conference Mr.Mosadegh sent his best regards and special thanks to Dr.Nouhi, the President of Martial arts Federation who has always  been the real patron of Iranian martial Arts.

WKF Vice president also appreciated the attempts of Mr.Ahmadi, The general Secretary and alive Heart of Federation, and sent his special regards to Mr.Mojtaba Honari , Board of  Directors’ Member of Asia Kickboxing Federation and Mr.Kave Ahmadi, Parliament News Bureau Chief and Member of the Board of Style. In the continuous he has congratulated the upcoming New Year to the big family of sport and all the respected members ,Coaches ,representatives and the fighters of Kickboxing Style around Iran and has wished that next coming year be more effective and fruitful in the world of Sport.