WKF QATAR now in WKF World wide family

انقر هنا للمزيد من المعلومات


 WKF  مرحبًا بقطر في عائلة



CV of our new president in Qatar

WKF HEAD OFFICE welcome our new 143th member in our World wide family.

President is Mr. Mohammed Hassen AL-MANSOORI , a member of the Qatar Olympic committee as well.

Mr. Al-Mansoori is a high respected sportsman and manager in the Arabic world.

He is owner and runs the “International sport centre” in Doha.

Our team in Qatar practice many disciplines with experts in martial arts for Years.

In tatami sports Karate and Taekwondo, forms and kata.

All divisions of Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and Sanda.

For amateurs as well as for professional fighters, male and female.


Very soon we will have our events in Doha, and we appreciate to have a national team by the upcoming World Championships 2024 in France.


Perhaps we can Welcome Qatar officials and referees in our World referee seminar in Austria in October !

Energy Fight in Hong Kong – now sanctioned with WKF

link is here / 链接

Energy Fight was founded in 2010, organized by China

HK Mixed Combat Sports Federation.

Now sanctioned by WKF, World Kickboxing Federation.

All fighters here are in the WKF World rankings on best possible positions.

It holds 4 events annually in a series of Mixed Combat Sports, who’s also the first organizer in Hong Kong who holds Shoot Boxing competitions.


Energy Fight Youth Challenge 2022 will be held on 26 August at the Telford Recreation Club, which will be a whole day event with 25 matches.

On the fight card we will have Shoot Boxing Rule and Sanda Rule.



The match will be divided into 2 halves, including Cadet, Teens, and Professional Group under the rules of Shoot Boxing and Sanda.

The first team match will also be held this year with Red Team “文薈隊” and Blue Team “武萃隊”, each sending 6 fighters from the Male Cadet Group and 8 fighters from the Female Teens Group.

Also there will be a live streaming on YouTube , send your request to WKF HONG KONG, Mr.Ronald YEUNG by mail !

International Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Shaheed International Kickboxing Cup Championship

In the History of Pakistan Kickboxing Federation WKF PAKISTAN first time in Karachi Pakistan!


I organized the first International Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Shaheed International Kickboxing Cup Championship fight night at Russian center of science and culture Karachi

Three Russian Kickboxers and one from Bangladesh Kickboxing fighter took part in it.

Mr Andrey Fedorov Consulate General of Russia Karachi was the chief guest of the event


Really appreciate the best efforts of Mr. Muhammad Nawaz

Secretary General Sindh Kickboxing Association

who cooperate with us to organize mega Kickboxing event





The 2nd WKF BRICS Belt and Road Professional Fighting League in 2022


was officially launched In order to celebrate China’s 2022 rotating presidency of the BRICS countries, WKF World Free Fighting Federation China will join hands with countries along the Maritime Silk Road, the Land Silk Road and the Pan-Asian High-speed Railway to jointly hold the “Second WKF BRICS 2022”. National Belt and Road

Professional Fighting League “Bless the motherland and prosper!

The 2nd WKF BRICS Belt and Road Professional Fighting League in 2022″ coincides with the tenth anniversary of the establishment of the BRICS cooperation mechanism following China’s 2017 BRICS rotating presidency.

After holding the “1st WKF BRICS Belt and Road Professional Fighting League in 2017” for the first time, it returned after five years.

The headquarters of the WKF World Kickboxing Federation has passed a vote and agreed to hold the “WKF BRICS Belt and Road Professional Fighting League” every year when China assumes the rotating presidency of the BRICS countries. In the future, it will be normalized, branded, and refined, and the event will continue to be held.


It aims to promote non-governmental exchanges and cooperation in the fields of culture, sports, commerce and trade, and tourism among countries and regions along the “Belt and Road”. Help promote the “Belt and Road” initiative, build a community with a shared future for mankind, and build an all-round, multi-level and comple.





Welcome in our WKF SANDA-WUSHU division !

WKF Sanda Logo
WKF Sanda and Wushu World president Sifu YAN Dinan

Our WKF SANDA & WUSHU Web site
Following our many members from all over the World, WKF head office started now with a new SANDA & WUSHU division.
WUSHU LOGOThis includes all Sanda male/female fighters, fill in the online profile, add a jpg photo to be listed in the SANDA World ranking.
For professionals we offer same SANDA title belts like in ring sport or MMA.
For Wushu we have our WKF Wushu forms and many more !
WKF CHINA – International

The World Kickboxing Federation is one of the leading organisations World Wide in the promotion of amateur and professional kickboxing in all styles, Muay Thai and MMA -mixed martial arts hosting professional fighting events.

Our modern and interactive approach to this sport highlights our commitment to keeping you updated with the latest events taking place worldwide.

The WKF SANDA & WUSHU DIVISION was formed in February 2015, the WKF stresses its strong belief in offering equal opportunities to our high respected WKF Sanda and Wushu World president Sifu YAN Dinan sufficiently skilled athletes who have practiced  Kickboxing, enabling them to display their talents in the National and International Amateur and Professional arenas.

Also to ensure the credibility of their “world championship” titles and gives these world class athletes an international platform on which to perform.


Read more here

Alexandra PETRE is looking for K-1 fight on the Asian continent vs. any opponent!

Alexandra “GODZILLA” PETRE, Vienna






from Vienna in Austria was at the last one WKF European Championship in Romania four-time European champion. Four Gold medals and best athlete on this Championships.


Her remarkable fight record in K-1 today is:

23 fights, 20 wins, including 11 KOs,


Her weight class is the Ladies Heavyweight + 145 lbs/ + 66 kg,  favorite discipline is K-1.

Alexandra also won the European Cup in February in Poland against strong opponents.


Alexandra is waiting your offer for her next fight 2022



“You’re not a champion,

not the best fighter –

unless you beat the World champion”



– says Alexandra  😈 


“GODZILLA” is currently number 1 in the WKF PRO-AM world rankings as well as in GBF World rankings and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find opponents.

Her management is negotiating an intercontinental title in Papua New Guinea (!) Against Jessy GONOPA and another fight in Orel, Russia, against Daria “Super Dasha” DENISOVA . Intercontinental title defense in Wellington, New Zealand, or in in Austria in spring 2021 against Thai box expert Rosie SANDIFORT.

Alexandra PETRE is WKF European Champion, Intercontinental Champion, World Champion and currently one of the best fighters in the K-1 heavyweight division World wide.

Now she is looking for a suitable Asian opponent for a 5 X 2 minute K-1 title fight. All interested girls have a chance of this fight. Re-match in Europe guaranteed and part of the deal.

As soon as the situation with the Corona virus has subsided, she wants to challenge the best heavyweight girl at any event in ASIA.

Against any suitable female heavyweight opponent + 66Kg / + 145 lbs!


If you were looking for an opponent for YOUR GIRL ON YOUR NEXT EVENT,

it would be a real great fight!


Send your fighter profile and attach a good 2-3 jpg photo and e-mail it.

2021 – You want to promote WKF titles or any other requests ?

Belt Girl


WKF – World Kickboxing Federation


was 2020 the fastest growing World sanctioning body. Events for amateurs and pro on 6 continents in now more than 140 countries shows about the serious activities of our promoter, manager and fighters.

Just in 36 month WKF has sanctioned more than 300 title fights World wide. From South Africa to Scandinavia, from USA to Russia, from USA to Argentina. In Papua New Guinea and Australia, as well as 27 WKF events 2018 just on the African continent. With our WKF continental president in Australia we have also 4 events scheduled in his area. This confirm once again our WKF slogan  


“we are the real global player”


.We have no fakes on our event schedule. Our different male / female World rankings in PPF – Pro Point Fighting, PRO-AM , pro ring sport and MMA are top, based on information’s we get from our World wide network. WKF title fight minimum requirements are here, if you want to promote a real World title fight with great value, or for any other request, do not hesitate to contact us by mail. For amateurs we offer our PRO AM title fights for low costs, for point fighters all over the World we offer PPF – PRO POINT FIGHTING – with international valid ranking lists, both divisions with great value and international recognition. We offer the chance to fight in all 4 ring sport divisions for our great demand WKF Champion belts. Here are our 4 pro divisions, with valid World ranking lists, rules, title fight minimum requirements and much more