WKF pro world champion title fights in Austria March 18th

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the date is on Saturday, March 18th

Now it’s fixed, the contracts were signed in Sydney

and arrived in Vienna !


another Australian wants to win his title in Vienna!


Milos RASTOVIC is already on the fightcard !



The WKF AUSTRALIA and OCEANIA Director Mr. Rustam A. ATTAI will be traveling from Sydney as supervisor for this fight. Mr. Hamid ATTAI will be ringside judge.

WKF AUSTRIA thus fulfills the minimum requirements of the WKF – World Kickboxing Federation.

The title fight is cruiserweight – 88.2 kg / – 194 lbs, scheduled for 5 x 3 minutes!

The reigning Australian professional world champion Matt STAPLEFORD comes with his belt from Sydney and the Viennese Kristian ZECEVIC from ASIA GYM wants to bring this belt to Vienna.

WKF AUSTRALIAN World referee Hamid ATTAI

The Austrian challenger, Kristian ZECEVIC, is ranked seventh in the World PRO rankings and has been accepted as an opponent by the Australians.

Kristian is very much looking forward to his first major title fight.